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Do-Nut Bean Bags

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Mon, 14 Aug 2006 19:42:00

How come no-one thought of this before? What on earth were beanbag designers (admittedly rather a niche occupation) doing? The Do-Nut is beautiful, unique and blissfully comfortable as well as looking cooler than any other beanbag on the planet. We've brought these fabulous Do-Nut bean bags in direct from the Belgian designers, and not only are they a dream to sit in, deeply cool to look at and very durable, theyre made with a PU water-proofing coating, so you can use them both inside and out. Using the highest quality expanded polystyrene beans they absorb the contours of your body beautifully, and their special coating means that if you spill stuff on them, you can simply wipe it off!

Kids absolutely love these Do-Nuts, and trying to get an adult out of one once they flopped down and zoned out is virtually impossible.

Although these are called Do-Nuts, it would be deeply unwise to confuse them with doughnuts - and even if you have a mouth the size of a basking shark, you'll find them hard to swallow, tasteless, and of no nutritional value whatsoever (rather like a doughnut come to think of it). So do not eat any part of your Do-Nut, even if very hungry.


  • Do-nut Beanbag for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Fabric 100% polyester with PU-coating (water resistant)
  • Filling - expanded polystyrene pearls
  • Washing instructions: spot clean with damp cloth and soap.
  • Machine wash cover at 40 degrees in a pillowcase. No spinning/do not tumble dry.
  • Size: 120 ( diameter) x 45cm

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