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USB Mixing Kit

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Wed, 18 Oct 2006 14:50:00

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a DJ but turning on your iPod is about as technical as you get? This USB Mixing Kit is ideal for novice DJs who want to mix up their music, allowing you to get your head round it without being baffled by bristling decks of buttons, knobs and sliders. This plug and play USB Mixing Kit plugs straight into your PC's USB port and you can start mixing MP3s, CDs, WMAs, WAVs and other music files straight from your computer - so there goes the afternoon, it's just way too much fun.

This brilliant box of tricks has a two channel mixer and you can connect your turntable, stereo or headphones directly into it. Simply load the software onto your PC from the CD provided, and two rather cool looking virtual turntables appear on your screen. You just drag and drop your favourite songs onto the turntables and get scratching and pitch blending.

A Master Tempo allows you to adjust the speed of your music without altering the pitch, and for the less skilled DJ there's an excellent gizmo called Automatic Beat Matching, which does what is says on the tin. With a three band Equaliser per channel, seamless sound looping, a microphone for adding your own vocals, volume boosts for each track, and the oh so important serious looking DJ headphones, you've got an easy to use instant DJ station at your fingertips. Bringing the decks to your desktop, the USB Mixing Kit is simply the best way to make great sounds, compile awesome party tracks, and stuff your iPod with pro beats to have you dancing down the street.


  • A funky two channel DJ Mixer that is totally plug and play into your PC via USB ports.
  • Two USB inputs.
  • Two line and phono inputs so you can hook it up to your turntable or stereo.
  • A microphone and microphone input.
  • Serious looking DJ headphones so you look the part.
  • An easy-to use CD of DJ software which simulates two virtual turntables onto your screen.
  • A replaceable crossfader.
  • A Master Tempo to adjust the music

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