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iPhone Announced

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Tue, 26 Dec 2006 20:10:00

The rumours were true, an iPhone has been announced - but it's nothing to do with Apple

Okay, we admit it. We did get a little excited when rumours surfaced on Friday of an imminent 'iPhone' announcement. Could it be the long awaited Apple mobile? A week before Christmas (alarm bell one), on a Monday (alarm bell two), a month before MacWorld (sirens wailing)?

Well Mac fans, we can now reveal that the iPhone being announced today is actually a new VoIP handset from Cisco – which runs Linksys. Apparently the company’s owned the trademark since 1996. Sneaky.

The pant wetting iPhone excitement began on Friday when tech blog Gizmodo primed readers with 'iPhone Will Be Announced On Monday. I guarantee it. It isn't what I expected at all. And I've already said too much.'

Today it's all been revealed as an elaborate ruse - to the fury of dedicated Mac heads.

Of course we never fell for it (ahem). Steve Jobs always makes his big announcements on a Tuesday. Still, it does pose one question. Just what name will Apple give its new mobile? iTalk anyone?

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