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5 best beauty buys!

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Wed, 30 Aug 2006 15:29:00

5 best beauty buys


After endless pre-holiday shopping and retail therapy after, we’ve decided to help you girls get the 5 best buys to keep up your summer look and prepare you for winter!


Skin: Everyone needs the perfect skin for the cold winter coming up, and the best skin regime out right now is origins. So bop down to your local origins store and get your skin-suited products to keep you in tip-top condition for the long winter ahead!


Hair: Every girl’s nightmare- a bad hair day! After endless sun exposure, UV rays do damage hair and dry it out however there is a solution! Say hello to gorgeous locks with John Frieda’s great  ‘miraculous recovery’ conditioning treatment, making sure that your hair still has the glimmer of the summer!



Teeth: Get a Hollywood celeb smile in two weeks by using pearl drops whitening tooth polish!



Hands: After endless broken nails from all those nights out, finally treat yourself with Body shops cocoa butter hand cream!



Body: Splash on some of the new fragrance from lacoste, “inspiration” and keep the summer scent around you!


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