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Dealing with Stress!

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Thu, 14 Sep 2006 21:52:00

There are 20 ways in dealing with Stress!

Stress comes to us in various packages. It can surface through difficulties in personal or family relationships. The death or the impending death of someone close to us can cause it. When one loses a job, it can surface and by the same token, starting a new job can be stress related.

Stress is actually the body's response to the stressor itself. Stress is the response made by the body and mind to adjust to pressure surrounding our daily lives.Stress is not necessarily bad. A certain amount of it can cause a person to stay on his toes and do a better job at what he is trying to accomplish. An example of this can be seen with the student that gets nervous when giving oral presentations in class. This added stress will usually cause him to be better prepared and a better job will be done on the presentation.

Stress lets us do one or two things. If it is so intense the fight or flight syndrome takes over. You will either remove yourself from the situation or stay and fight. A person's personality makeup determines how he faces it.

Some common stressors that we all face from time to time are: arguments, loud unexpected noises, the strain of good grades or poor ones, waiting in lines, a boring job, jealousness in relationships, traffic, a promotion, the start-up of an affair, divorce or the ending of a friendhsip or starting a new one, sexual problems in a relationship, financial difficulties, son or daughter leaving home, changes in schools, work hours, neighborhood changes, Christmas or other holidays, the anniversary of the death of a loved one and of course there are countless others.

The following are some illinesses that are associated with stress: high blood pressure,cancer, heart disease, asthma, skin allergies, pain, infection, ulcers, headaches, diarrhea, insomnia, choking senstations, papitations, and fatigue.

We can not eliminate stress altogether because it goes with living and breathing. There are some suggestions that can help people better adapt to the stress that they meet in their lives though.

They are:


2)Pacing yourself

3)Balancing work with play

4)Management of time


6)Change in environment

7)Getting enough sleep

8)Being positive

9)Eating properly

10)Engaging in a non-work hobby

11)Giving in sometimes

12)Talking about worries

13)Working out anger

14)Taking breaks

15)Use of humor


17)Interaction with family

18)Taking a time out


20)Taking in a Movie

All of the above things can assist with dealing more positively with stress. We need to realize that stress can be good for us, because it can inspire one to better meet goals in life. By the same token, too much stress can harm us physically and mentally.

Remember that we all have choices when dealing with stress. We should ask ourselves if our physical safety is at stake. Can we live with the stress if the end results will mean we have accomplished a worthwhile goal or should we attempt to remove the thing from our environment that is causing such discomfort.


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