There are a number of options if you want to advertise on and hopefully there should be something that suits everyone.


Why should you advertise here is a good enough question but the answer is pretty straightforward too – currently approx 6,000,000 – 7,000,000 visit this site every month (don’t forget we have many unregistered browsers) and they are all obviously interested in advertising. Another good reason is our pricing structure meaning that everyone can afford to advertise here. The traffic at the moment shows around 55% UK, 30% US and European, the rest made up of other countries.

Banner Adverts

We have banner advert area at the top, right hand side though out the site. These are limited in number to ensure good coverage for every advertiser. The most obvious way for your banner to work is for it to link directly to your own website or it can also link to a section on if you don’t have your own website – if you need a website we can help you with that too.

Each advertisement location has two different grade slots, shared and private. Shared slots rotate more than one advertiser at random, appose to a Private slot which will only display one ad.

As part of the service we can also provide you with an account to view and keep track of the statistics for your ad, this is a free service for anyone taking advertisement out with us, at there request.

The following prices are based on a per month basis; max of 12 months can be booked at one time. Priority is always given to the advertiser when it comes to their renewal.

A discount of 10% can be given if paying in 6 month blocks, or 15% discount for 12 month blocks.

For more information on or taking out an advertisement slot please email us at

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